We can’t find any evidence of voting fraud in New Hampshire.

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David Cottrell is a Best-Selling Author, Award-Winning Leadership Expert, and Professional Speaker.

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Why does the Washington Post not have an about page



This seems like a credible

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This seems like a credible source. The Washington post and plitico are solid.



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I agree, this source seems credible. It has links that actually lead to somewhere trustworthy and accurate, it contains real statistics, and it doesn't sound biased. To answer your question, I think they don't have an about me page so they don't seem biased. Those pages usually talk about the website or company's missions, which could sound biased. I think you should add a little more to your assessment and maybe ask a few more questions but other than that, nice job :) As for my question, is The Washington Post a biased website? They do have opinion articles.


this article seems real it

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this article seems real it gives valid information. it contains real statistics. it as supportive links and it has factual sources.


I trust this site.

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I trust this post because Washington post is a legit site. All the links in it are real sites so that makes it more credible and the statics seam realistic. It also has graphs witch makes its claims more credible. I trust this site fully but I'm also curious as to why the Washington post doesn't have an about page. I also am wondering if the Washington post has a political bias if they did I'm sure it would be a liberal bias but I'm not sure.