Yes, Virginia, Aliens Are Registered or Voting… and in Pennsylvania, by the Thousands

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Yes, Virginia, Aliens Are Registered or Voting… and in Pennsylvania, by the Thousands

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made in 2005 pjmedia says it focuses on news that matters owned by Glenn Reynolds they have been through many events and want to keep america great for our children by focusing on the things that will have the most impact on the future of america politics, parenting and lifestyle.

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no h1 tag uses a picture of aliens from movies to symbolize illegal immigrants has sources that just bring you to one source

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i dont trust it there making speculations without any proof



Response to article

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This article screams fake news. It seems very informal to include pictures of aliens as your main photo. The writing is also very informal, rich with unanswered questions, and references to the writer themselves. The writer is extremely biased, saying that certain things are good or bad when they are simply opinions. Also the fact that the writer cited himself was extremely unprofessional.

Was this article intended to be read as something credible? Or was the guy just trying express his feelings about an issue that he cared about?


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Very fake

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A lot of the times people like to use real people on their articles and still comes out to be an unreliable source, however trying to get away with a alien as the picture of this article is quite hard to get away with as a credible source. Bias views and also the language that the article uses is slightly amusing. Don't know why anyone would believe this, also it seems like a totally opinionated article as well.


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