True the Vote Study: 36K FL Voter Registrations Flagged DUPLICATE, DEAD and ILLEGAL Addresses »

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In 2011, Ann-Marie Murrell helped create a popular weekly web TV talk show called “PolitiChicks”. Today, serves as a major platform for hundreds of women and men writers across the U.S. The website has millions of readers and hundreds of thousands of followers on social media and PolitiChicks are national speakers appearing at major events throughout America. understands that freedom and liberty must be maintained and protected with vigilance and with the constant support of the American people. Without that vigilance, tyranny moves in. We refuse to allow that to happen on our watch. To book The PolitiChicks for speaking events, radio, and television, contact: Rob Lowe at Casting New Lives ( or [email protected]

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Just the title of this

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Just the title of this website is a non trustworthy one. When I went to the site, the first thing I saw was not very professional. The one source link did not seem credible.


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