There have been just four documented cases of voter fraud in the 2016 election

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December 1st 2016
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It is a well known site. Not very many advertisements. Relevant and credible links. Correct grammar.

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Could have an liberal bias.

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I trust this article because it was posted by the Washington Post which is a credible source.




Do you think the author maybe

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Do you think the author maybe didn't really understand that there is a large possibility that there could be a lot more voter fraud that goes unnoticed? I think that is definitely a big part of the possible liberal bias you were talking about.


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This seems like a trustworthy

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This seems like a trustworthy site according to the outside links such as the Boston globe. These are both credible sources.


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I agree with your evaluation

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I agree with your evaluation of this site. I trust it as it is well known, and the sources it uses are credible as well. I would be curious however to know if the possible liberal bias this place has would effect the article in any way, and make it any less credible.


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