How do we know that humans are the major source of global warming?

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How do we know that humans are the major source of global warming?

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Mon Apr 24 2017
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UCS was founded in 1969 by scientists and students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. ... By mobilizing scientists and combining their voices with those of advocates, educators, business people, and other concerned citizens, UCS has built a reputation for fairness and accuracy and amassed an impressive history of accomplishments.

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I know the group and its work. I believe this is their website, and this is a well-referenced article. I understand why the links do not click through -- many are for journals that require special access, or books. There are clear authors: "Summary prepared by B. Ekwurzel and reviewed by N. Cole, P. Frumhoff, and S. Shaw (UCS)."

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The <H1> tag does not lead to the page title, but rather the site name. That's not good accessibility practice. Also, the page does not show the date it was written, so I cannot tell how current it is. Therefore, I might be less inclined to use this resource as an indication of current knowledge. For example, the most recent cited resource is 2009 - don't we know more now, 8 years later?

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I might use this as a summary resource, a brief analysis of available research, and I would trust the work done at the time.  I would not likely use it to convince others, however, because it is out of date. 


What would be a better summary research review, updated to the present? Or have none of the basic premises changed in the past 8 years?