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Privacy Policy

The user content on this website was developed in an earlier version of the Fake News Fitness extension, circa 2018. In that version. user records were sent to this site and stored here, privately. Some of those records are now visible as examples, but are not traceable to users.

The new Fake News Fitness extension (2022) allows users to store records they create in their Google Drive. This requires a user to authorize the Fake News Fitness extension to access their Google Drive.

When a user authorizes Fake News Fitness to access their Google Drive, Fake News Fitness stores a token locally on the user’s computer. Fake News Fitness does not retain this token, and it is not used outside of the Fake News Fitness extension.

Fake News Fitness uses the Google Drive access granted by the user only to write the specific information the user enters via the extension to a new file created in the user’s Google Drive. Fake News Fitness does not read or delete any information from the user’s Google Drive, nor does Fake News Fitness store the authorization token or any other information about the user’s Google account on its servers.

The privacy policy is located at